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Go STEADY® Interview on
Modern Living with kathy ireland®

Go STEADY® was recently featured on Fox Business Network . The interview was hosted by Modern Living with kathy ireland®. The interview goes over our products’ features and benefits. Please take a moment to watch and learn more about Go STEADY® and our products!

Go STEADY® Featured Products



The patented tripod design of the Flexi-Tip®, anti-slip base material and self-righting capability provide durability, flexibility and security to enhance mobility.

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Comfort Cane


The ergonomically designed Grooved Grip combines softness and comfort of a larger surface area for better control and easy hanging. Both components are made of thermoplastic material (not rubber) which eliminates odor and extends wear. The sturdy, balanced aluminum shaft (fashionable in gold color) increases stability unlike standard offset canes and supports up to 300 lbs.

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We are a Women Owned and Managed Business Enterprise.

We are a family run business and we all get involved.  Our children are involved with the company as well and help out whenever they can whether is is assembling the products to be shipped out or helping out at trade shows.

It is very important that our customers know that our products are manufactured and assembled right here in the USA.

Our goal was to create a “team” environment where trust and honesty dictate all decisions. We have successfully created this culture within our organization.

At our organization we put a great emphasis on fairness, accountability, responsibility and a positive mental attitude (PMA).

This has allowed us to create a successful business that continues to give our customers the best experience possible.

Improve the quality of life for the physically challenged.

Provide products to patients and clients that will enhance their security, stability, mobility and comfort.  We want our products to change the way they move about their daily lives so that they share our belief of a positive mental attitude.


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Crutch Accessory Kit


The Crutch accessory kit comes with two Cushioned Crutch Pads, two Grooved Grips, and two Flexi-Tips. The ergonomic crutch pads provide maximum comfort and help to prevent any underarm pain. The ergonomically designed Grooved Grips are designed to provide maximum comfort and control. The Flexi-Tips have a non slip base and a flexible neck that allows for maximum grip and stability at virtually any angle and any surface.

Cushioned Crutch Pad


The Cushioned Crutch Pad is specially designed to prevent underarm pain typically associated with underarm crutches. This ergonomically designed pad is specifically molded to cradle the Brachial Plexus nerve. The memory foam material is designed to give maximum comfort. Simply slip the pad onto the top of a standard underarm crutch and you are good to go!

Comfort Cane


The exclusive balanced shaft as a result of unique in-line positioning of the Grooved Grip and Tuffi-Tip® combined with the strength of aircraft aluminum make for ultimate safety, security and comfort.


Grooved Grip


The patented ergonomically grooved hand grip offers an expanded cushioned palm surface whereby putting less stress on fingers and providing a comfortable and secure grip.

Bariatric Combo Cane®


Just Like the Go STEADY® Combo Cane® with the patented Flexi-Tip® and Grooved Grip® the Go STEADY Bariatric Combo Cane® gets you where you need to go but with DOUBLE THE STRENGTH.

Combo Cane®


The exclusive balanced shaft as a result of unique in-line positioning of the Grooved Grip and Flexi-Tip® combined with the strength of aircraft aluminum make for ultimate safety, security and comfort.




The Tuffi-Tip® is a uniquely designed alternative to the “conventional” rubber cane tip. The tripod base offers greater surface area for better stability and the tread design prevents slippage.


Part of or all of this product is covered under the following patent numbers.
#635,351 | #612,602 | #738,103

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